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Shannon Rowlands
- When we went for walks in the wintertime, He just wanted to eat snow and it was so cute! 
- When he was a puppy, we would take him for a walk he would try dragging this big gigantic stick back with us!
- He loved barking at the bunnies, squirrels, birds, horses and just anyone who walked by.
- When my Grandma would pick up my brother and I from the house in the summertime, she would roll the window down and talk to him and he would just stand there and wag his tail and listen to her. 
- In elementary school we would have track meets in the beginning of the year and I dont remember what year it was but my mom walked Tiger from our house all the way down to the track at the highschool with his doggie dish so he could watch the track meets too!
- His favorite toys were, was a stuffed squeaky moose and a stuffed teddy bear that squeaked too. If I put the teddy on his back, he would wiggle around to try and get it off and then while it was on the ground, he would pounce on it!
- He liked going around the trees and the shed to see if he could sniff bunnies.
My mom would walk him around the back of the house while I was playing outside with my brother.
- When he was younger and his back legs wouldnt hurt, he would get on top of the snowbank and fall right in and then he would run out because he realized that the snow wasnt hard enough to hold him up.
- When he was younger and we took him for walks, we would say "Cross the road" and he would look both ways! He was so smart!
- One time, he got loose and he ran 2 houses down to the neighbors who have beagles and they all wanted to play with Tiger but
 he was so big and would trip over them!
- He loved the dance sessions with my mom and putting his arms on her arms.
- If everybody was outside in the back yard and he was in the front, he would whimper and then when we would come back to the front or when he saw us, he would wag his tail with a big smile!
- My brother and I would be getting off the school bus and he would be lying down in the driveway waiting for us.
- He never liked "Chuggington because the talking train scared him..."- He wasn't really a fan of his Dog run and house because he always needed to see what was going on and he didn't want to be separated from people. He made the best of it though!
- Whenever we came back from trips, he was ANGRY at us and ignored us for leaving...that is, until we gave him food and he was a happy doggy again! 



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